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Dr. Neil Pollock & Dr. Jack Chang

Pollock Clinics circumcision procedures are performed by Dr. Neil Pollock and Dr. Jack Chang.

These two experienced physicians are world-class experts in their field.

Dr. Jack Chang

Jack Chang, M.D., is a graduate of Yale University and the University of British Columbia Medical School. After serving rural and remote communities in BC, Yukon and Nunavut he joined Pollock Clinics in 2014. He has trained directly with Dr Pollock for circumcisions and use the same Pollock Technique™. Dr. Chang has studied under some of the most renowned physicians in North America and under Dr. Pollock for circumcision.

Dr. Chang’s Affiliations

Dr. Chang is a Clinical Instructor at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine and is actively involved in teaching medical students and residents. In order to best serve our more medically complex patients, he maintains skills in acute and general medicine through his ongoing duties at Burnaby General and Peace Arch Hospitals.

You will find Dr. Chang performing circumcisions at both our New Westminster and Vancouver clinics. He performs infant circumcision and older boy circumcisions. Dr. Chang’s focus on these procedures makes him a world leader in circumcision and he works with Dr. Pollock to ensure that the Pollock Technique™ circumcision continues to be a leading world-class procedure.


Dr. Neil Pollock

Dr.-Pollock-circumcision doctor BCDr. Pollock limits his practice to only three surgical procedures. Infant circumcision is one of these procedures.

Over 20 years ago, before beginning to perform circumcision procedures, Dr. Pollock travelled to many cities in North America researching first hand what he believed to be the most effective techniques used by the most experienced doctors.

After carefully studying their most effective strategies, Dr. Pollock put together his own approach to these surgeries, combining key elements of what he learned.

With years of practice and additional experience, he further refined the entire process, to create what has become known today as “The Pollock Technique™” for infant circumcision – a virtually painless method preferred by parents and doctors.

Dr. Pollock’s Affiliations

Dr. Pollock is a Clinical Instructor with the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine and Associate Professor at the University of Laval.

The effectiveness of his method has led him to share his surgical techniques with physicians throughout the world, including Haiti, Turkey, China, Rwanda, and the US. Numerous articles have been written about Dr. Pollock in local and national publications and he is an invited guest at many hospitals in Vancouver and throughout the world.

Pollock Circumcision Experience

As a father of three, Dr.Pollock knows that the safety and comfort of your son is the number one priority. As of August 2016, Dr. Pollock has safely performed well over 40,000 infant circumcisions – making him one of the most experienced circumcision physicians in North America. Currently he performs approximately 2500 annually at his two private offices. Dr. Pollock is a frequent guest lecturer at local hospitals and conferences His research into developing a safe quick and virtually pain free approach to circumcision has been published internationally.

Pollock Circumcision in the News

See article on minimizing pain during circumcision wirtten by Dr. Pollock and published by Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine

Vancouver Sun – Referencing Dr.Pollock – U.S. study: Routine circumcision for boys advisable

Vancouver Sun Nov 2012 -Dr Pollock Pioneers New Technique For Circumcision For Older Infants and Children

Pollock Circumcision in Vancouver – and around the world.

In 2014 Dr. Pollock was asked by Dr. Klausner to teach his unique circumcision technique to surgeons in Haiti. This drew the attention of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars who came to visit Pollock while in Port-au- Prince.

Dr. Pollock is recognized for being a leader and innovator in his surgical area of expertise worldwide. He has been asked to provide training for surgeons in many countries. He continues to volunteer his time, sharing his skills to improve the quality of surgery delivered by physicians around the world.

IN THE NEWS: Pollock teaches his surgical techniques in Haiti and draws visits from some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Dr.Pollock is committed to teaching his techniques throughout the world and to constantly update his own knowledge by staying on top of new medical developments. In the summer of 2012 Dr. Pollock was invited to turkey to share his surgical experience.

In 2011 Dr. Pollock visited China and became the first Canadian physician to get certified in a new innovative technique for adult circumcision (developed by Chinese surgeons in China), Dr. Pollock was asked by his colleagues in China to lecture and share the surgical techniques that he developed through
his 20 years of experience.

In 2008, Dr. Pollock was asked to showcase his world-renowned surgical techniques and to teach the leading surgeons in Rwanda.

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