Circumcision Clinics Serving BC

Pollock Clinics operates from two Vancouver area locations and you can reach both at (604) 717-6200.

Call us with your inquiry, or to make an appointment. You can also request an appointment now online.

If you are travelling from out of town for a circumcision procedure, we can recommend an itinerary, so please let us know when you book if you are coming from elsewhere in B.C. Our clients come to Vancouver from Victoria, Kelowna, and as far away as Prince George.

With highly experienced physicians and two convenient clinic locations (in New Westminster and Vancouver), we are able to provide you with the care you need and within just days of calling our clinic.

For added convenience, we offer online booking for fast service, and to allow booking when most suitable for patients.

Our team of dedicated physicians and staff take pride providing personalized services and individualized care; we offer 24/7 aftercare and support before and after all procedures.

Our Clinic Locations


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About Us

ed treatment dr in vancouverWelcome to Pollock Clinics, BC’s largest provider of no-scalpel no-needle vasectomy and circumcision for babies, boys, and men of all ages.

We also offer treatment for erectile dysfunction as well as penile frenuloplasty and frenulectomy, and circumcision revision.

At Pollock Clinics, our mission is to uphold the highest international standards of male medical care while treating our patients with compassion, dignity, and respect.

We offer world-class expertise in serving a diverse local community across the province, including families of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

You can call us at 604-717-6200 during clinic hours or use the Quick Contact form to send us your inquiry.

For our private services – circumcision, vasectomy and frenulectomy- no doctor’s referral is required for treatment so you can book directly at our clinic today if you wish. While erectile dysfunction treatments are also private services, patients will first undergo a comprehensive consultation, which is covered by MSP for BC residents, and a referral for this initial appointment is required.