Pollock Clinics in Vancouver and New Westminster offer Pollock Technique™ circumcision, which a quick and virtually painless option for baby, child, and adult circumcision.

Our method combines multiple anaesthetics and pain suppression methods to ensure a comfortable procedure. Circumcisions are performed in our two clinics, and the infant procedure itself is done in less than a minute.

Baby Circumcision Procedure Video

View our baby circumcision procedure as performed at our Vancouver and New Westminster clinics.

Older Child Circumcision Video

Child circumcision for older boys is also offered at Pollock Clinics. The child procedure is a little longer than circumcision for babies – about five minutes of surgery under local anesthesia followed by observation and recuperation time on-site in our clinic’s recovery room. We offer circumcision for children of all ages. Please see below for a video of an older child circumcision.

Please contact us for information about child or baby circumcision.

Adult circumcision and teen circumcision are also performed at Pollock Clinics.


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