Frequently Asked Questions About the Circumcision Procedure

The best time is between 7-28 days of age, although circumcisions are done at Pollock Clinics in Vancouver and New Westminster for boys of all ages. Families should try their best to have circumcision done as soon as possible.
In babies under two months, it should heal completely in about four days. In older babies it may take one week.
It may hurt a little the first day, but after a day it should not be painful.
Complications are rare. Occasionally, there can be bleeding from the circumcision many hours after the procedure. This is treated by putting some pressure with a gauze on the penis for 2-3 minutes to close the oozing blood vessel. (This will be demonstrated to you by our staff). Very rarely, more serious bleeding can occur which may require a visit to the hospital. Infection is also a possible complication. It is extremely rare and can be associated with redness, pus, and a foul smell from the circumcision. It is treated by putting Polysporin five times a day on the penis which usually resolves any infection within one or two days. Suboptimal cosmetic result is another possible but very infrequent complication.
Yes, they are possible; however, to date, this has never occurred with any patient of our circumcision clinic.
Our clinic founder, Dr. Pollock, has published a study that shows our pain control process is highly effective. Many babies can sleep right through the entire under 30 second procedure. Most babies experience little or no pain at all.
It is not unusual for a baby to sleep 6-8 hours after the procedure and to miss a feeding. Some babies will be irritable for a number of minutes to hours afterwards. Behaviourally, most babies are back to themselves by the next day or two.
We receive many referrals for the assessment and treatment of phimosis and have successfully surgically treated many patients for phimosis. Depending on the individual case circumcision may be recommended. Contact us for a consultation.
The gomco clamp is the most common technique used by physicians. It requires much longer to perform and involves much more tissue handling than our methods.

The plastibell technique is also used by some physicians performing circumcisions in BC. With this technique the baby must go home with a small plastic device tied on to his penis that allows the foreskin to desiccate over subsequent days. This is also a more lengthy procedure to perform by the physician.

No – doctors have different beliefs and practices regarding anesthetic use. We perform circumcisions using the Pollock technique, which is performed on thousands of patients every year. This method has been proven safe and effective on tens of thousands of patients over the last 20 years, and minimizes pain and discomfort with multiple combined anesthetic methods.
Our procedure takes only 30-60 seconds (10 times quicker than most hospital circumcisions). We use extensive pain control methods like Tylenol, sugar solution (which has been shown to reduce pain perceptions), soothing music, topical freezing cream, padded baby holders, and local anesthetic injection. We have extremely low complication rates and no hospital administration fees are charged.


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