Frequently Asked Questions About the Circumcision Procedure

The best time is between 7-28 days of age, although circumcisions are done at Pollock Clinics in Vancouver and New Westminster for boys of all ages. Families should try their best to have circumcision done as soon as possible.
In babies under two months, it should heal completely in about four days. In older babies it may take one week.
It may hurt a little the first day, but after a day it should not be painful.
Our clinic founder, Dr. Pollock, has published a study that shows our pain control process is highly effective. Many babies can sleep right through the entire procedure. Most babies experience little or no pain at all.
It is not unusual for a baby to sleep 6-8 hours after the procedure and to miss a feeding. Some babies will be irritable for a number of minutes to hours afterwards. Behaviourally, most babies are back to themselves by the next day or two.
Our procedure takes only 30-60 seconds. We use extensive pain control methods like Tylenol, sugar solution (which has been shown to reduce pain perceptions), soothing music, topical freezing cream, padded baby holders, and local anesthetic injection. We have extremely low complication rates.


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